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Multi CH Selah Leavin N Impression

Aspen is a gorgeous boy, he started his show journey here taking a 4 point major his first weekend out with me showing him. He then went to Cananda to become one of the top Havanese of 2017 and 2018.  He is a Canadian Grand Champion and AKC Champion.  He is now going to be a daddy and hopefully one of his kids will be coming back to Selah!
CH Selah Performance Driven

Jag loved the show ring and finished his Championship quickly with three majors, but also taking a huge win for his final major at the York shows.  He won winners dog over 17 other very nice dogs, then took best of winners, making his win over 35 of the countries most lovely class dogs.  Not only is Jag quite the showman, he is also such a fun boy, full of life, love and happiness.
CH Selah Divine Intervention

Ivy quickly finished her Championship with three major wins. She loved to show and was an amazing show girl. She is very lovely inside and out and just like her mama, she is a very senstive soul, having the abilty to know and understand human emotions and being very sensitive to this and would make a very good emotional support dog.​​
CH Selah El Rey Thankfully Blessed

Mateo is a sweet and handsome boy and also proved himself to be a very nice show boy.  He enjoyed the ring and showed his little heart out.  He finished his championship quickly and went out with a bang, taking a 5 point major at the Louisville shows.  
CH Selah Perfect Harmony

Harmony is a real show girl, she loved the ring and is a lovely example of a Havanese. She has all the attitude to shine in the ring.  She is also Lizzie's 'baby', taking top dog position in Lizzie's heart.  Harmony gave us Zadie, Lizzie's other sweet baby  girl.    Lizzie and Harmony enjoy playing around in the show ring.
CH Selah Breath of Heaven

Pneuma is the daughter of Jewel and was our miracle puppy, being born via c-sectioin and nearly not making it, thus her name.  She was also our very first AKC Champion.  She is a beautiful girl inside and out. She is a real lover and really didn't love the show ring, she just wanted to be beside the ring snuggled in our lap. However, we did manage to learn to love the ring together and make our way to a Championship without much effort. Pneuma was shown by my daughter Amanda and myeself. The judges loved her and she shined in the ring even if she didn't love it.  She was very happy to retire from the ring and focus on being our precious pet and become a mommy. Our sweet Pearl was our Pneuma keeper puppy.  Pneuma is my daughter Amanda's special girl and resides with her.
CH Selah Old World Elegance

Queen Anne is the daughter of Trista and Harley.  She is a very beautiful and elegant girl having inherited the best traits from both her parents. She has a lovely silk coat that doesn't tangle, just like her daddy. She loved to show and is a very flashy girl. She later moved on to being a mommy and truly put her stamp on her puppies.  Our beautful Joy, Meekah and Mercy are Queen Anne daughters and carried on her tradition of elegance, grace and confidence.  We now have River and Lacey to carry on the family line.  Lacey reminds me very much of her great-grandma Queen Anne, she is very elegant and outgoing.  River on the other hand is currently all about silliness, but boy can she move like a dream, with all the elegance of her Grandma Queen Anne. We love our Queen Anne who is now Grandma's dog, but since grandma lives with us, she remains part of our household.
CH Hurricane Ridge's Heart Song of Selah

We added sweet Melody to our line to add great genetic diversity and she, and her babies, have accomplished just that. Not only are they beautiful, they are soooo sweet (and just a bit naughty).  Melody didn't love showing, but she was obedient and did her job long enough to earn her championship.  We love Melody and she is now a therapy dog and best companion to our daughters best friend.  Melody's lines will be carried on through Mateo and Jag and Jorja (owned by a friend of ours). Somehow we just didn't end up keeping a Melody grand-daughter from our Zadie or Maui.  We do however have River, Lacey and Nahanni who are all Melody grand daughters through Mateo and Jag, so no worries, Melody's line will be well represented in our future generations.  
CH Eras True Blue Forget-Me-Not

Trista was our new biginning after having spayed Molly's line. All our hope was rested in her and the many generations of health testing behind her. She did not disappoint!  She is small, sassy and beautiful.  She had lovely babies, of which we were fortunate enough to keep our lovely Queen Anne and have access to Ruger as a stud dog.  Trista remains our sassy little girl, who brings us great joy.
CH Bydand Rolling Thunder at Selah

Harely is our very first stud dog, and the faithful companion of my son Alex.  We added Harley for his very long line of health testing behind his breeding, for his lovely pedigree which included his daddy Keebler, who was a Westminster winner, and for his lovely structure and beautiful, easy care coat.  Harely has passed on  many lovely qualities to his  puppies and now his grandson Mateo will carry on the line.  Harley isn't really a 'show' boy, but he does play around with us and enjoys the 'veterans' classes with my son Michael, who is just beginning to join me at the shows.
Multi-CH Camelots Jewel of Ancient Path

Jewel is one of our foundation females and the very beloved pet of my daughter Amanda.  We got Jewel as an addition to our breeding program, but also with the very sprecific purpose of being Amanda's girl, and that she is!  Jewel did well in the ring with Amanda and was also her 4-H project for many years showing in showmanship, obedience and agility.  Jewel was #1 Havanese UKC in 2006.  We are very proud of our Jewelie Pie! Jewel's line... Pneuma, Pearl, Denali and Nahanni.  We are so thankful to keep this line going, they are simply so sweet and silly and we adore them.
CH Ancient Path's Angel

Angel is the daughter of Molly and was AMAZING in the ring. She was a little show off and wowed everyone.  She was supposed to enter our breeding program, but, instead we decided to have her spayed. This was NOT an easy decision, but, it was the right one we felt, for our breeding program and the breed. Angel remains part of the family and is the beloved companion of my mom. She still likes to be in charge and be quite the little show off.  There is no doubt who's in charge and it's not my mom.  haha
CH Mary Heavenly Princess

Molly was our very first Havanese and we simply fell in love with the breed and didn't turn back.  Back in 2002 there were very few breeders and it was very difficult to find a Havanese. We were thankful to add Molly to our family. She had two lovely litters for us before she was spayed.  We than found out there were some heart issues behind her lines, as well as she suffered from allergies, so we decided it was best to discontinue her line and search for a healthier start to our breeding program. After this decision, we determined we would rather have three lines to work with rather than just one just in case anything popped up that we were unaware of.  We had Jewel already who was not yet old enough to breed, but would be a good start, we then added Trista and then Melody to bring our breeding program greater diversity. Molly taught us a lot about breeding, and even more about how lovely and adoring the Havanese are.  She made our hearts forever long for a Havanese.
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