Carefully planning your next best friend with great love and dedication.


We would like to thank all of our puppy families for the love and care they give to our precious puppies. Below you will find just a few words from some of our Selah families.​​
  1. Hannah
    I've known Lisa/Selah since Summer of 2012. I spent a lot of time looking at breeders in Michigan before deciding on Lisa. After the application and interview process I felt confident that Lisa would find me a dog that matched the temperament I wanted and my lifestyle. I had always planned on having two dogs. My experience with Selah was so good, I didn't even think about looking elsewhere. Lisa's instincts when it comes to her puppies' personalities and the fit with their families are spot on. Mazey turned four a a couple months ago. She too is very healthy, well-adjusted and loved. They're fantastic with children of all ages--Lisa had started the socialization process when they were still young. I have been completely satisfied with all my interactions with Lisa. She checks in to see how they're doing periodically and if I ever have a question or would like her opinion on something, she's always prompt with a reply and insights. My mom actually loved my girls so much she got her own Havanese from Lisa. Flynn is everything my girls are, and when our vet did his well puppy exam he said he was very impressed with all three of our dogs, that they all had great bone structure, temperament and health and that our breeder must be good to produce three dogs with such consistently high standards.
  2. Amy
    We decided to get our first havanese (as first time dog owners) from Lisa at Selah Havanese because I could tell that she was truly invested in the health and wellbeing of her dogs and the breed as a whole. It was important to me to find a breeder who performs health testing even though we were only looking for a pet because I wanted to know that I was getting a companion who would have the best chance at a long healthy life. Lisa was incredibly helpful during the process. As soon as we met Rico, we were in love! He was every bit the spunky, lovable puppy we had been searching for. He was already pad trained when we brought him home and he learned everything else very quickly, he is one smart pup! A little less than 2 years later we had moved to Nebraska but we were ready to add another havanese to our family. I reached out to Lisa once again in the hopes of finding a suitable companion for us and Rico. We are now blessed by the daily joy of seeing Rico and his brother Luka running their zoomies together in the yard and twice as many warm pup snuggles on the couch. These dogs are loyal, affectionate, playful, and so sweet, I can't imagine our lives without them! Amy
  3. The Newell's
    When you receive a beautiful fur baby from Selah Havanese you become part of the family. Lisa has a wealth of knowledge and has been there for us any time we have had a question or concern about our girls. Our vet always comments how beautiful Mandy and Sadie are. We are blessed to have found Lisa. The Newell's
  4. Bryan and Abby
    Hi Lisa - here's a blurb from us for your blog. :) Wally is like a little joy-bomb from God - everyone loves him, he's happy & well-balanced, and his enthusiasm (especially when we arrive him!) is heart warming. We're thankful for his good start in life as a little puppy, as well as for the ongoing support to us whenever we have a question. We're very happy to be part of the Selah family! Bryan & Abby
  5. Mary and family
    We have been so pleased with our Havanese puppy, Putter. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. Lisa was a joy to work with and her love for the breed is apparent in the quality of dogs she raises. Thank you Lisa for your dedication to this outstanding breed. It is so nice to have a tail wagging round our home again! All our best, Jerry, Mary, Alice, JP, Noah and Jude
  6. Ashlie
    Ever is a delight and an infusion of sunlight in spite of the darkest of times. She is so funny. I taught her a nose touch to my hand, and she took that behavior and turned it around on me--she comes up to me when I am sitting on the floor and insistently pushes her nose to my knee demanding my attention and a treat.We do lots of "stuff." She goes everywhere with me and is a dream in the car. As long as the car is moving, she sleeps. All of her dog family/training members are big dogs. She thinks she fits right in, and honestly she does. Such a big personality for such a little body.She is so animated and funny. She does lots of paws things and races around like her mom. My mom even comments to her 'You are your mother's daug She is the best! And I love her so. Thank you for matching me to the most perfect puppy and personality in the world!
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