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purebred Havanese
purebred Havanese
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Havanese puppy

See Below for some super sweet and adorable available puppies

Puppies for Spring 2020

Puppies will be ready to go home late April/early May.
​Please contact us for availability.

If you would like to be considered for a Selah puppy, please fill out our puppy application.

  1. Havanese puppies
  2. Havanese puppies

We would be happy to refer you to another reputable breeder

If the timing of our puppies doesn't match the timing you are looking for a puppy, please contact me and I would be happy to refer you to a reputable breeder who does health testing on the parents and socializes the puppies.  Hopefully we can find the perfect puppy for your family!

Available puppies

To be considered please fill out our puppy application.  These puppies were born and raised at my good friends house.  Their mom is a German import, litter sister to Puzzle and dad is Mateo.  Both parents are fully health tested.  Puppies are  ready to go home.   

Kota is super sweet, playful and happy and would love a family to be his forever home.  He can be a very silly boy but is also very easy going and laid back in nature.  He is going to be a bigger boy, likely around 14 pounds full grown. Please fill out our puppy application and state on it you would like to be considered to be KOTA'S forever family.

Havanese puppy
Puppy parents have passed health testing for hearing, eyes, patella, cardiac, hips, elbows, liver and kidney function, and puppies have been planned with the assistance of using DNA diversity as well as selection for breed traits and temperament.  Puppies are raised using Puppy Culture training experiences. We take raising your new family member seriously.

We do not ship puppies.  You must come to our home and pick up your puppy. This will allow you to meet us, meet the parents, see where your puppy was raised, and will allow the mama to say good-bye to her baby. It also allows time for us to go over the puppy book as well as answer any questions you may have.

Selah puppies will never need to enter a rescue or dog shelter, as we are committed to each of our puppies for life. If ever you are unable to continue to care for your puppy, it is always welcome back here with us.  This is stipulated in our contract to assure all Selah puppies will never reside anywhere other than with their family or with us.  We love each and every one and feel they deserve the very best.

  1. Havanese puppies
  2. Havanese puppy
  3. Havanese puppy
  4. Havanese puppies
  5. Havanese puppies
  6. Havanese puppies
  7. Havanese puppies
  8. Havanese
  9. Havanese puppy
  10. Havanese puppies
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Selah Havanese Puppies

All our puppies come with a lifetime buy back guarantee if for any reason you cannot/do not wish to keep your puppy, no questions asked.  Because each puppy we raise becomes a piece of our heart, we are devoted to finding excellent forever homes for them and are committed to them for their entire lives.

All puppies are from health tested parents, are born and raised in our home right in the midst of our family life. They receive early neurological stimulation via snuggles and kisses, are well socialized with everyone from children to the elderly, are started on potty training and basic obedience, crate trained and travel friendly, and are taught to settle and submit even when they don't want to (which is very important for further training).  Your puppy will be raised on an all life stages, complete and balanced food to support immune and heart health and proper puppy growth.   Our moms are allowed to wean their puppies naturally, on their own time schedule, and typically do not do so until close to 8 weeks of age.  During the weaning process the moms spend plenty of time teaching their puppies good doggie skills, which is critically important for the further development of your puppy.  We use a minimal vaccination schedule combining the use of vaccinations, homeopathic treatments and titer testing to assure your puppy has immunity to parvo, yet using the minimum number of vaccinations to help reduce the risk of vaccine reactions, reduce the toll vaccines take on the immune system, and maintain a healthy immune system in your puppy.

Your Havanese puppy comes with a full vet exam with health sheet for your vet, up to date on vaccines and de-worming, microchip, BAER hearing test, complete records for your vet, a puppy book which includes parent information, pedigree, health documents, vaccination recommendations, growth chart of your puppy, pictures of parents and your puppy, health testing of parents, breed standard and info, training info, grooming tips and fun puppy stuff.  Your puppy also comes with a 'love' blanket that smells like mama and littermates and a familiar toy.  As always they are pre-spoiled with lots of love and are certain to be little snuggle bugs.

We do not ship puppies.  You will need to come pick your puppy up at our home.  We think it is important for you to meet your puppies parents and see where they have been raised.  Since our girls are very affectionate mothers, they also like to meet the new family their puppy is going home with.   They do not like it when their puppy just 'disappears'.  Your puppy can easily fly home with you in a soft-sided carrier under your seat.  

Because we take great care in preparing your new best friend we want to get to know our puppy buyers.  New homes are carefully selected and puppies are placed with close attention to the needs and desires of the family and the unique and special temperament of the puppy.

References are always available upon request.

Goals of our breeding program:

As breeders of Havanese puppies, we are fully dedicated to doing our best to assure our puppies are bred to the Havanese standard, have healthy parents,  have happy temperaments, and are raised as family and given our complete love and dedication.

1.  Health - our primary goal is to preserve the Havanese as a happy, healthy family companion. We use the latest research and consultation with  our vet to determine the best candidates for breeding and also consider pedigree analysis to assure a low inbreeding coefficient, and also make our best attempt to assure genetic diversity in our breedings which research has proven to help increase health.  While there are no guarantees in life, especially when dealing with complicated genetics, we attempt to make the best selections to provide happy, healthy companions.

2. Temperament - we desire to maintain the happy, well-adjusted, easy going temperament of the Havanese that makes them wonderful travel companions, good with children, and overall great family pets.  By carefully selecting for excellent health, type, and temperament, not only do we endeavor to get our next show prospect puppy but you can also be assured that quality will afford for great family pets and excellent therapy dogs as well since the Havanese excels at being sensitive to the needs of their people and have a love for all people.  We also breed for 'smart' dogs, as we like to train our dogs in obedience, agility, and feel a smart dogs is overall more fun to be around.

3. Structure/type - we always breed to the Havanese standard in both correct structure and breed type. We set our standards very high and select only the most excellent examples of the breed. We breed for a correct balance between height/bone/weight with our goal to be a 9-10" and 8-10lb adult dog, which is within the 'preferred' standard.  We breed for the correct silky coat that is both beautiful and has a bit of a tousled appearance showing the playfulness of the breed.

4. Each litter is carefully selected for optimal health, excellent temperament and correct breed type.  We monitor health very closely, as that is the foundation of our breeding program.  We are also very careful to consider genetic factors and have careful selection of pedigree.  Our goal in each litter is to find our next show dog to enter our breeding program, but in the process know some will also make wonderful family companions who are a joy to have around. Typically the difference between a 'show' puppy and a 'companion' puppy is a minor detail which does not affect its ability to function as a pet. But we have very high standards for our breeding program, so even a tiny discrepancy with the standard could cause us to place a puppy as a companion rather than keep it as a future show puppy.  Thus you are assured a puppy from a very carefully selected breeding of health tested parents who are excellent representations of the breed.

5. We only breed a litter if we have the time and resources to invest in the litter. When we have a litter we devote our entire time to raising them correctly. They are never left alone, even for a short period during the first four weeks of life.  After that, only for very short periods of time while we run an errand. Therefore, we only choose to breed a litter if our life will allow us this amount of time to be with, socialize, and devote to the puppies.  They are raised in our bedroom and then more to the living room. They are always with us and handled constantly. They grow up as part of a family, right were they belong for their entire life. We thoroughly enjoy our puppies and always want to make sure when we welcome them into the world they are our highest priority. If that is not possible, we wait for later to have puppies.  We take raising our puppies very seriously.

Socialization of your new puppy begins at birth:

Birth-3 days:  We monitor the puppies to assure they are kept at a correct temperature, are well hydrated and mama is taking good care of them. They are inspected carefully but we let mama do the most of the care during these days with simple inspection by us and a few snuggles.

Day 3-16:  Super Dog program is used to assure the puppies get the proper stimulation to get them off to a good start. They are held and snuggled daily. Early Neurological stimulation exercises are performed daily along with hugs and snuggles to help them mature and grow to be smart, healthy puppies.

2 weeks - 4 weeks: Puppies are loved and snuggled and played with multiple times daily. They are introduced selectively to the 'big' dogs, are given small and safe areas to begin to explore as they begin to get up on their feet. The potty pad is introduced and they quickly learn to use it. The room temperature is carefully monitored as they are just now beginning to maintain their own body temperature and they are spending more and more time away from mama. 

4 weeks - 10 weeks:   Puppies are introduced to all the activities of normal family life and given new and different stimulating activities to help them grow and develop.  We use the Puppy Culture protocol for training and socializing our puppies. They are held and snuggled multiple times daily and have time to 'run free' and play with the 'big' dogs.  They begin having social outings to safe areas where they can explore new territory, make new friends and become confident little puppies.  The puppies are allowed to wean naturally from their mama.  Mushy food is introduced around 4 weeks of age. The mama determines when to nurse and when to wean.  We think they are very capable of raising their own babies. Mama's are free to hop in and out of the xpen as they desire. Often some of the other dogs enjoy going in the xpen to play with the puppies, which always delights the little one's.

10 weeks -12 weeks:  Puppies are ready for a new adventure and will be leaving to go to their new homes.