Carefully planning your next best friend with great love and dedication.

CH Selah Divine Intervention ~ Ivy

Height: 9.5"  Weight: 10.5 pounds
Does not carry curly, satin, dilute or chocolate
Color testing:  KBKy, atat, ee, DD, BB, FF
Does not carry for CDDY (IVDD), VonWillibrands disease, or CMR1 disease
Cream (but in the lightest form, white)
UCDavis genetic diversity analysis

Ivy is the lovely daughter of Joy and Davino.  She is so much like her mama full of complete joy, thus her nickname Ivy Smiley suits her so well.  We love how she has so much love inside her and the way it comes out through her expressions and tender kisses. She is a very athletic girl and loves to run and jump.  She is also quite the snuggle bug, and loves to cuddle close for a nap.  Ivy is a joy to have around, she smiles when she is happy, and enjoys her fun and games.  Ivy is beautiful inside and out.  Ivy, like her mama Joy, has an uncanning ability to read the emotions and physical status of her humans and is able to detect several different physical ailaments as well as emotional status. She is very attentive to her humans, but carries a confidence and air of elegance about her everywhere she goes.

Ivy is a very moderate girl in all aspects, a sturdy moderate size, an even temperament but full of life and fun.  Ivy is lovely to watch and such a sweetheart too.  Ivy is the only pure white Havanese we have ever produced. We call her our little marshmallow.   We adore her and are please she will be carrying on our genetic lines as Trista's great grand-daughter.  Now we are so excited to add her daughter Lacey to our family and breeding program.

Ivy did excellent in the show ring and quickly earned her Championship with limited showing.  She loved the ring and had a lot of fun in the adventure.  Now we are going to work with her on new skills, training in obedience, and possibly becoming a certified therapy dog. 

Ivy has passed her blood panels, hearing, hips, elbows, eyes, patella, and cardiac testing.   OFA page

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Selah Scaling New Heights ~ Denali

Height: 9"  Weight: 9 pounds
Does not carry curly, satin, dilute or chocolate
​Does not carry for CDDY (IVDD), VonWillibrands disease, or CMR1 disease
Color testing:  kyky, ayat, BB, DD, FF, Ee
Red Sable with white markings
UCDavis Genetic Diversity analysis

Denali is the daughter of our sweet Pearl and Zuri.  Not only does she have a fabulous red sable coat, she has all the sweetness of her mama and the easy going of her dad.  Denali is a sweet and adorable little girl who loves to snuggle and give kisses and is often referred to as 'teddy bear' since she looks like a teddy bear and is just as sweet and snuggly.  She is easy going and loves to play.  While she may not be top dog, she certainly isn't going to let anyone take advantage of her, as she will stand up for her right to lay in the bed, chew the toy etc.    I'd say she happily resides in the middle of the pack, making herself comfy anywhere close to my side or happily on anyones lap.  If you call Denali-olli she comes joyfully running to give you kisses.

Denali is my sweet baby girl who is ever by my side.  She is the perfect size for toting around and gets the pleasure often.  Just like her mama Pearl loves to go bye bye, Denali loves to go with me just about anywhere. While her name represent greatness, she is small in size but big in love.  Denali is considering being a service dog as she is very calm and happy, small and easy to go around, and will very gently let me know before an asthma attack starts or if my heart is beating irregular.  She is senstiive and gentle in nature, her sweet nature is more than charming and she is dearly attentive and always by my side yet is never intrusive .

We are pleased Denali will be carrying on our genetic lines as Jewel's great-granddaughter and we are thrilled to add Denali's daughter Nahanni to the family
Denali has passed her blood panels, eye, hearing, patella, hips, elbows and cardiac testing.  OFA page
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Our Up and Coming Pups

--bred for structure, breed type, temperament and genetic diversity--
meet our newest generation....

Selah Lay Your Troubles Down ~ River

Height: 8.5"  Weight 7 pounds
Does not carry curly, satin, dilute or chocolate
​Does not carry for CDDY (IVDD), VonWillibrands disease, or CMR1 disease
Color testing:  kyky, ayat, BB, DD, FF, Ee
Gold and Silver Sable Irish Pied
UC Davis genetic diversity analysis

River is the daughter of Mercy and Mateo. She is a very sweet and sassy girl, which we love!  She is small in size but huge in personality!  She is a real love and snuggle bug, she loves to play, and loves to shred paper (a true Havanese trait).  She can be a little stinker, but then, she is still a puppy!  We affectionately refer to her as River Rue.  We are very happy to have her as part of our family and are hoping to make her a part of our breeding program.

We are super excited, as River's pedigree combines both our Trista line and our Melody line, creating a very nice combination of dogs including Trista, Harley, Queen Anne, Melody, Ruger and Drew.  What a great lineup!  We adore how the genes came together to create this special little girl!  Sweet, sassy, cute and such a little character that makes us smile daily with lots of snuggles and cuddles too. She loves to sit on my lap and just hang out, but she also LOVES my son Michael, and he adores her as well.  As she matures she is developing the very attentive nature of her mama Mercy and is showing great natural instincts and signs of being a therapy or service dog. What's not to love????

We are very happy that on River's first birthday we measured her and she has passed the 8.5" minimum height of the AKC standard, and we are excited to add her to our breeding program. She may be tiny, but she is mighty!  She takes on the world with leaps and bounds and yet is a very sweet, gentle and snuggly little girl. We adore her. She will not be big enough to be competitive in the show ring, however, she is an excellent example of the breed and has goregeous movement and a big personality.  She has also proven herself to be very sensitive to the needs of the sick and hurting and is proving to be a wonderful therapy dog.

River has begun her health testing.  She has passed her hearing, patella, cardiac and eye exams and will have her hips/elbows evaluated at two years old.   OFA
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Selah A Touch of Elegance ~ Lacey

Height 9"    Weight 9 pounds
Does not carry curly, satin, dilute or chocolate
​Does not carry for CDDY (IVDD), VonWillibrands disease, or CMR1 disease
Color testing:  kyky, ayat, BB, DD, FF, ee
​UCDavis Genetic Diversity Anyalysis

Lacey is our sweet little girl from our Ivy x Jag litter.  We are super excited about adding her to our family.  This breeding was a LONG time in the making and we are thrilled to add our 5th generation!  Her pedigree includes great dogs like Trista, Queen Anne,  Joy, Ivy, Melody, Harley, Davino and Zuri.  From a litter of 7 beautiful puppies, Lacy is the best of the best.  How exciting!  We chose her registered name in accordance with her rich heritage, going back to her great grandma, our lovely Queen Anne (CH Selah Old World Elegance), touching back on the 'elegance' and Lacey means joyful, which touches also on her grandma Joy. 

Lacey is SUPER sweet, exceptionally smart and a bit silly.  We adore how gentle her spirit is at even such a young age.  Her eyes are so expressive and her spirit is just so kind and loving and attentive and her pure desire seems to make others happy.  She is full of pure love, she has a very tender spit.   Lacey is very soft in her temperament, but not shy, just very kind and loving.   She will allow anyone to steal her toy, as she is a pure love.  She romps, plays, and tries to keep her toys, but simply isn't 'sassy' or a 'brat', if you know what I mean.  It's not her personality, she is sweet, kind, loving, tender hearted.  She is pure love and sweetness.  She can be silly and funny, but not sassy. We affectionately call her Lacey Lou Who, as the Who's down in Whoville would say, and the sillyness of it all seems to suit her quite well.   We adore her and are thankful to be able to add her to our family and look forward to her joining our breeding program.

Lacey is personality plus and everyone who meets her wants to take her home. She is such a sweet and affectionate soul!  She has everything we want to go forward with in our breeding program.

Lacey will begin her health testing soon!
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Selah Fear is a Liar ~ Nahanni

Height 8.75" Weight 7.2 pounds
Does not carry curly, satin, dilute or chocolate
​Does not carry for CDDY (IVDD), VonWillibrands disease, or CMR1 disease
Color testing:  kyky, ayat, BB, DD, FF, Ee
Red Sable Irish Pied
​UCDavis Genetic Diversity Analysis

Nahanni (Nuh-hon-nee) is the daughter of our sweet Denali and Mateo.  This is the 5th generation from Jewel's line and we are sooooo excited. She has inherited the sweet and silly temperament that Jewels line is so well known for.  She is small but mighty, holds her own, yet is so very sweet natured and simply snuggable. We are excited that we were able to do a 'line beeding' yet were also able to check genetic diversity and assure this breeding, by DNA, is an 'outcross' breeding and what they would call a 'perfect 10'. The very best of both worlds!  Breeding is a combination of art and science and I LOVE how this sweet little girl turned out.  Nahanni is very sweet, a bit silly and a bit of a tomboy, just like her mama.... going all the way back to great great grandma Jewel.  :)  We are thrilled to welcome Jewel's newest descendent and Denali's daughter.  Nahanni's litter name was Fire, and she is often referred to as Nahanni Fire or Nahanni-ahni or just simply Nahni, everyone has to have an expanded name around our home.  Just one name isn't quite enough to express their big personalities.

Nahanni will mature to be on the smaller side, around 7-8 pounds.

​Due to some unforseen medical needs and current medical necessity, Nahanni is currently being trained as a service dog.  If she is able to achieve our goals as a service dog/medical alert dog, she will no longer be part of our breeding program but instead will be a full time service dog.   Either way, we think she is fabulous!
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Selah Reckless Love ~ Agapé

Height 8.5"   Weight 8 pounds
Black Parti 
Does not carry for Curly, Dilute or Satin
Does not carry for CDDY (IVDD), VonWillibrands disease, or CMR1 disease
KBky, ayat, BB, DD, Ee
​UCDavis Genetic Diversity Analysis

Agapé (Uh-gop-ay) is the daughter of Meekah and Leo.  She is absolutely everything we were looking for in this litter. She is very outgoing, very sweet, very smart, and very beautiful.  We are super excited to watch her mature and a hopeful she will love being a little show girl and someday become part of our breeding program.

Agapé is a very smart and athletic girl who is also the most outgoing and social puppy who absoulutely LOVES everyone and everything.  Who couldn't adore her???  Everyone falls in love with the little fire cracker.  She is so adventurous and is so certain she is a BIG dog that we have to be very careful she doesn't get herself into trouble.  Life is a big adventure for this tiny little girl.

At the young age of 4 months she is already potty trained and is doing great at being a big girl and only chewing on her toys.  She loves toys, she loves people, she loves everything in life.  She always has a great big smile on her little face.  She is sweet, snuggly, sassy, smart and truly spectacular.

We expect Agapé to be about 8-10 pounds full grown. 

​Agapé is spending her time getting lots of experiences and having lots of fun. She is a fun, silly, happy, spunky and mischievious little puppy. We couldn't love her more. We think she is a wonderful example of a Havanese and are looking foward to her being part of our breeding program.

Agapé will begin her health testing when she is old enough.

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