Carefully planning your next best friend with great love and dedication.

GCHS Ambler Sherrex's You're Gonna Hear Me Roar ~ Leo

Red Sable Irish pied
Height: 10 inches
Weight: 10 pounds​
Does not carry satin or curly.
Does not carry for CDDY (IVDD), VonWillibrands disease, or CMR1 disease
KyKy, Ayat, Ee, Bb, Dd
​UCDavis Genetic Diversity Analysis

Leo has passed his health testing:   OFA page​

We are very thankful to have the opportunity to add Leo to our family and breeding program.  He was bred by our friend Kathy Ambler, and was taken to his Silver Grand Championship by our friend Sherrie Mahel.  We have loved this little guy from the time he was a puppy and are thrilled he could join us.  Leo is co-owned by my good friend and breeding partner Maishelle, and lives in our home as part of our family.

Leo is a very sweet boy and made the adjustment very easily to our family, during the holidays at that!  Lots of commotion and things going on, but he made himself at home and joined the gang here.  He now has his favorite place on the sofa and has found his place in the pack as well.  He gets along great with everyone, human and canine.  

He had a very lovely show career that included Best of Breed and group wins, a Best of Opposite Sex in Sweeps at the National.  He also won the People's Choice award at the National.  He enjoyed showing, but is now enjoying the family life in a puppy cut.  

​He has adjusted to Northern Michigan winters and is enjoying playing in the snow drifts.    He fits right into our little dog family very nicely!

Leo has several champion children.  Leo's son Simba (owned by Sherrie) has also done excellent in she show ring and is now producing champions of his own as well.​  Leo is the daddy of our beautiful Agapé.

  1. Havanese Leo
  2. Havanese Leo
  3. Havanese Leo
  4. Havanese Leo
Twinkle's Destined for SER Trust & Honor ~ Timmy

Red Sable Irish pied
Height: puppy
Weight: puppy
Does not carry satin, curly, or dilute.
CDDY (IVDD), VonWillibrands disease, or CMR1 disease clear by herritage
KyKy, Ayat, Ee, BB, DD
​UCDavis Genetic Diversity Analysis

Will be health tested when old enough

Timmy is our newest Selah addition. We are very thankful to Rose Kimber of Twinkle Havanese for the opportunity to add Timmy to our home and breeding program.  We carefully chose him for his genetic diversity when compared to our upcoming females in additioin to his predgree of health and wonderful temperaments.  

Timmy is co-owned by my good friend Maishelle and myself.  His name is carefully considered, being that our primary goal in breeding is always to obey God and honor him through our dogs. We wanted Timmy's name to reflect just how much we want our breeding programs to reflect our love and desire to reflect God's love through our dogs.  Timmy is named after Timothy, who's primary life's message was to trust and honor God in all you do.  Timmy is 'destined' for Selah and El Rey!

Timmy is a spirited little guy, full of happiness and joy.  He took to us immediately, traveled with us on the long car ride home and immediately fit right in with the rest of the gang.  He has been a joy ever since. The big dogs accepted him and started to show him the tricks around the house and he trotted right along.  

Timmy is a small dog with a big dog hiding inside.  He has such a big spirit inside and it shows through everywhere he goes and with everyone he meets. He loves everyone and is full of such joy in all situations.  We are thrilled to add Timmy to our home and hopeful he will become part of our breeding program.  

  1. Havanese puppy
  2. Havanese puppy
  3. Havanese puppy
  4. Havanese puppy

CH Selah El Rey Thankfully Blessed ~ Mateo

Black/tan with white markings
kyky, atat, Ee, DD, BB
Does not carry satin, curly or dilute.

UCDavis Genetic Diversity Analysis
10.5 inches, 12 pounds

Mateo was bred here at Selah.  His mom is Melody and his dad is Ruger.  He is a perfect combination of the two and is a very beautiful boy.

Mateo is co-owned by myself, but is the dearly loved family member of my good friend Maishelle and her daughter Alli at El Rey Havanese.  He is a wonderful boy, all around good natured, easy going, loves everyone and is a joy to be around.  Mateo has a beautiful silk coat and lovely structure.   

Mateo is athletic and smart as well as beautiful. He enjoys the company of everyone and loves to go places, explore new things and meet new people. He currently is in training to be a therapy and service dog.  He is a real love and a super sweet boy. 

We are thrilled to use Mateo in our breeding program, he carries forward the genetics from Harley and Ruger (seen on our generations page).  Our sweet little River, Selah Lay Your Troubles Down,  is from our Mercy x Mateo litter and our sweet little Nahanni, Selah Fear is  a Liar,  is from our Denali x Mateo litter.  We are super excited to watch them mature.

El Rey Havanese is also growing up  Hopi, Selah A Tale of Three Chile, who is also from our Mercy x Mateo litter.  Hopi is a beautiful, sweet little girl who looks very much like her daddy.

​Mateo has passed all of his health testing including eyes, heart, patella, hips, hearing, blood panels for liver and kidney.  
OFA Page

  1. Havanese Mateo
  2. Havanese Mateo
  3. Havanese Mateo
  4. Havanese Mateo

CH Amblers Cleveland Rocks ~ Drew

Height: 9.5" Weight: 9 pounds
 does not carry satin (short coat) or curly
Color testing: kyky, ayat, Ee, DD, BB
(carries sable, black/tan, cream, gold, red, irish pied/parti, black pigment, 
does not carry dilute, does not carry chocolate)

UCDavis Genetic Diversity Analysis
Drew has passed his health testing 

Drew, known as Drewby, is the happiest little boy who loves everyone, knows no stranger, loves to snuggle and loves to play. He has a lovely dark almond eye, gorgeous red pied coat, happy smile, and exuberant disposition.  Of course he also has excellent conformation, lean bones, great health, and 6/6 scissor bite.  

We got Drew from our friend Kathy at Ambler Havanese. Drew's pedigree contains some exciting things.  His grandpa was the very first Havanese to win Best in Show, BIS Multi CH  West Creek Hot Shot Tapscott. Drew carries on a long line of Y chromosome (15 generations) back to Juan Pequeno, one of the original Cuban Havanese who's descendants came to this country. Drew's pedigree also contains CH Puppy from Cuba.  We are excited about the genetic diversity Drew brings to our breeding program.  Not only is he adorable and oh so sweet, he also has the genetic material to help achieve our goals of maintaining genetic diversity for greater health and strong immune systems.

Drew easily finished his AKC championship.  In four weekends of showing he  won WD 6 times, BOW 5 times, best puppy 5 times and a Toy Group 1 Puppy as well as several other Group Puppy wins.  We are very proud of this little boy.   

We are thrilled with our Drew babies.  He has been a wonderful sire, the daddy of our Pearl, Mercy and Meekah.  Drew is grandpa to Denali and Agapé and great grandpa to our River and Nahanni.  We love our Drew babies, grand babies and great grand babies.  

  1. Havanese Drew
  2. Havanese Drew
  3. Havanese Drew
  4. Havanese Drew
  5. Havanese Drew
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
  8. Havanese Drew

Dark Night Davino Star of Havanna ~ Davino

kyky, atat, Ee, DD, BB
Does not carry satin, curly or dilute.

UCDavis Genetic Diversity Analysis
10 inches, 11 pounds

Davino has passed all of his health testing.  OFA

Davino was imported from German from Nancy Fassott.  He was the very first puppy Nancy allowed to come the the US!  We thank her for her trust in us.  We are very thankful for the ablity to add his diversity into our breeding program.  Davino not only adds great genetic diversity but also is a lovely boy and has an amazing temperament.  He is such a happy boy, loves everyone and is very playful.  He even smiles on command!  We couldn't love him more!

Davino is a gorgeous boy in both structure and temperament. He loved showing, however, we sadly just couldn't get to many shows while he was younger and eventually simply gave in and gave him a puppy cut so he could enjoy life without all the extensive grooming to keep up a show coat.  While we may have been disappointed, as he was over half way to his championship, Davino didn't seem to mind at all, he rather enjoys the simple grooming and happy go lucky puppy cut.

Davino lives and is loved by friends of ours where he can be the center of attention and their universe.  We wish nothing more for our dogs than their joy and happiness.  We have found it to be a wonderful thing for our boys to have homes of their very own, where they are not 'worried' about girls in season when they cannot be bred, and where they do not have divivded attention.  We call these 'guardian' homes, where they are loved as family and kept in tact so they can still be used for breeding.  It's the best of both worlds.  We visit them often and they LOVE us and get sooooo excited to see us.  Davino is a total love and we are thankful to have him as part of the Selah family.

Davino is the daddy of GCH Aspen and CH Ivy.  He is the grand daddy of our Lacey.
  1. Havanese Davino
  2. Havanese Davino
  3. Havanese Davino
  4. Havanese Davino

CH Perfection Revealed Star of Havanna ~ Puzzle

Red Brindle
kyky, ayat, EE, DD, BB
Does not carry satin, curly or dilute.

UCDavis Genetic Diversity Analysis
9 inches, 10 pounds

Puzzle has passed all of his health testing.  OFA

Puzzle was our second import from our friend Nancy Fassott. We were desiring to add another male to our breeding program and were wanting  a certain pedigree in order to  bring in greater diversity. As it turned out, we brought Puzzle and his sister Brayleigh to America.  Brayleigh lives with our good friend Maishelle.  Puzzle and Brayleigh are both co-owned by myself and Maishelle.

Puzzle is a wonderful, sweet, snuggly little boy. He has no desire or interest in pack order, his only desire is to be with his humans.  Despite this, he did very well in the show ring and quickly earned his championship.  Of course, he was very happy to return home. We showed him successfully a couple times, earning grand championship points, however, he just didn't love it, so we decided he could retire from showing and be a beloved pet.  

We hope to one day have some beautiful Puzzle babies.  Friends fell in love with Puzzle and he is now their beloved pet where he is the center of attention but remains available for breeding. What a lucky boy!

  1. Havanese Puzzle
  2. Havanese Puzzle
  3. Havanese Puzzle
  4. Havanese Puzzle

Little Phantom of Velvet Dreams ~ Zuri

Red Brindle
kyky, ayat, EE, DD, BB
Does not carry satin, curly or dilute.

UC Davis Genetic Diversity Analysis
9 inches, 9 pounds

Zuri has passed all of his health testing.  OFA

Zuri was imported from German from Phillipine Goteman.  He was our very first import, as after a very long search of American  pedigress left us wanting greater diversity than we could find here.  The effort was well worth it!  Zuri, and his litter mate Armani came to America. As it turned out,  Armani was placed in a pet home after one litter, but Zuri has continued to make a valuable contribution to our breeding program.  We are thrilled with Zuri!  He is an understated little guy, full of love and silliness.  We adore him!

Zuri was half way to his championship and doing great in the ring when he suddenly came down with 'dog show crud' and was admitted to the ICU at a specialty veterinary clinic.  We ran every test possible looking for any possible genetic reason for his illness, in the end, the veterinarians gave him a clean bill of health and said he simply came down with a really wicked bacteria that came on very fast. Thankfully getting him to the vet quickly and getting IV fluids and antibiotics did the trick and Zuri was soon back to his normal self and has never had a sick day since.  After this illness, Zuri associated the show ring with being sick and would be very stressed.  It simply wasn't worth making him so upset to finish his championship, so instead, he became a champion at home with us.

Zuri now  lives with Maishelle as he awaits his new guardian home.  Zuri became adored by our friends and will move in with them once their new home is finished being built.  Zuri remains intact so we can continue to use him in our breeding program, but he can also have a family of his very own where his attention isn't divided.

Zuri is the daddy of our Denali, Maui and Jag, and Maishelle's Nabila and Fayanna. He is grandpa to Nahanni.
  1. Havanese Zuri
  2. Havanese Zuri
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  4. Havanese Zuri

CH Selah Performance Driven ~ Jag

Gold Sable
kyky, ayat, Ee, DD, BB
Does not carry satin, curly or dilute.

UCDavis Genetic Diversity Analysis
10.25 inches, 11 pounds

Jag has passed all of his health testing.  OFA

Jag is the son of Meldoy and Zuri.  We are excited to add another boy from our breeding back into our breeding program.  Jag is the sweetest boy ever, he is a perfect combinatioin of sweetness and playfulness.  He is a very happy and even tempered boy. He never has a bad day!  Jag loves everything and everyone.  He is very sweet, loves to snuggle, loves to play, and enjoyes everything. He is a very non-demanding boy and is a simple joy.

Jag  quickly earned his Championship, winning three Major wins.  He finished up with a BIG win at the York show against some really nice competition, going Winners Dog against 17 other dogs then going Best of Winners, in all winning against 35 very nice dogs.  On top of being beautiful, Jag is the sweetest dog ever, so very friendly, and also quite the silly, playful boy.  We love our Jag and are very proud of him!  He now lives with very good friends of ours and is loved and adored by their 6 children.  Life couldn't be better for our sweet Jag.

​Jag is the daddy of our sweet Lacey.
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